918KISS 2020

918KISS 2020 – Latest Download Links, Updates, and News

by ministryofgamblingon November 17, 2019
The Unexpected Return of 918KISS What?? 918KISS has resumed back to operation? Are you kidding me? I guess this is the most heard words for the local online casino industry this year. 918KISS has shut down its game server in September 2019, and everyone believes it has gone for good. All of sudden, it was […]
BigChoySun SCR888 Online Casino 2017

The New BigChoySun – 918KISS Online Casino 2017

by ministryofgamblingon October 19, 2017
BigChoySun – The Largest 918KISS Online Casino in Malaysia BigChoySun is said to be the largest SCR888 Online Casino in Malaysia. We all know that SCR888 is nowadays the most played slot games in the country. It really requires a lot efforts to be the largest isn’t it? However, there is no way for us […]

New SCR888 2.0 – Ong Version

by ministryofgamblingon November 25, 2016
A Quick Review on SCR888 in 2016 I believe many of you have played SCR888 in the past. It’s quite rare that one would say he has not heard of this game before. Yes, it’s way too famous. We have all witnessed its success in the year of 2016. Everyone has been thinking about the […]

Ministry of Gambling 3Win8 Menu

Download 3Win8 Mobile (Android/IOS)

by ministryofgamblingon August 28, 2016
3 Easy Steps to Download 3Win8 (Android/IOS) We have discussed about 3Win8 in the earlier posts. It’s been few months since our last post. Since then, we have been observing the performance of 3Win8 in the market. Today, we are going to guide you how to download 3Win8 mobile (Android/IOS). Let’s take a look below:- […]
Ministry of Gambling 3Win8 Casino

Tips to Win Big from 3Win8 Casino Slot Games

by ministryofgamblingon August 21, 2016
3Win8 Casino Slot Games Malaysia Most of you might not have heard of 3Win8 Casino before. Of course, because it has just been launched like months ago. It’s considered pretty new in the market. Nevertheless, I can see it is now making its sparkles within the local online betting industry. In fact, 3Win8 Casino is […]
Ministry of Gambling Online Casino Games Malaysia

A Quick Review – Online Casino Games in Malaysia

by ministryofgamblingon July 27, 2016
Online Casino Games in Malaysia There are just too many online casino games in Malaysia. People are confused when choosing which one to play. It is kinda hard to say which product is the best, because each of them would have different strengths and weaknesses. Anyhow, what actually is online casino games in Malaysia? Online […]

SCR888 Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

What Can I Expect from Online Betting?

by ministryofgamblingon July 12, 2016
Online Betting in Malaysia For many years, online betting has been one of the most popular recreational activities in Malaysia. Online betting helps to relax minds and bodies, thus leading to a better life. Some would take online gambling as a bad habit, as it might also cause unhealthy social impacts, if it is abused […]
Good Online Casino Site

4 Important Tips to Identify Good and Bad Malaysia Online Casino Sites

by ministryofgamblingon July 6, 2016
The Importance of Betting with Good Malaysia Online Casino Site There could be thousands of online casino site in Malaysia, offering various online betting services such as live casino games, online slot games, mobile slot games, sports betting, racing, lottery, and many many more. Each site offers different value proposition to the online casino players, […]
Ministry of Gambling SKY3888 Casino

SKY3888 Casino – The Most Played Slot Games in Malaysia

by ministryofgamblingon July 4, 2016
SKY3888 Casino is the most played online slot games in Malaysia in the year of 2015. It supports desktop, and Android as well as IOS smartphones. Most of its slot games are pretty similar to those of the SCR888 Casino. Meanwhile, players are able to choose whether to make a deposit via internet banking, or via reload services provided by SKY3888 agents.

NewTown Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

NewTown Casino – The Glorious Return

by ministryofgamblingon June 28, 2016
Yes, you are right. NewTown Casino has successfully made its comeback to the local online casino arena with the new name - "The NewTown 2"! Whether you are an experienced or layman in the local online betting territory, you should really play this product as it is considered one of the most stable online casino products in Malaysia. With the offerings of both live casino games and online slot games, you can almost find most of the hottest casino games in NewTown Casino.