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918KISS 2020

918KISS 2020 – Latest Download Links, Updates, and News

by ministryofgamblingon November 17, 2019
The Unexpected Return of 918KISS What?? 918KISS has resumed back to operation? Are you kidding me? I guess this is the most heard words for the local online casino industry this year. 918KISS has shut down its game server in September 2019, and everyone believes it has gone for good. All of sudden, it was […]
Ministry of Gambling SKY3888 Casino

SKY3888 Casino – The Most Played Slot Games in Malaysia

by ministryofgamblingon July 4, 2016
SKY3888 Casino is the most played online slot games in Malaysia in the year of 2015. It supports desktop, and Android as well as IOS smartphones. Most of its slot games are pretty similar to those of the SCR888 Casino. Meanwhile, players are able to choose whether to make a deposit via internet banking, or via reload services provided by SKY3888 agents.
Rollex Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

Rollex Casino – Top Pick for All Playtech’s Fans

by ministryofgamblingon May 13, 2016
Rollex is a highly popular online betting product in Malaysia, offering live casino games as well as online slot games with high mega progressive jackpots available to all players. Sharing quite some similarities with 12Win, Rollex represents another online casino products of Playtech in Malaysia.

LuckyPalace Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

LuckyPalace Casino – Casino with the Most Choices

by ministryofgamblingon May 13, 2016
As you can see from most of the illegal gambling dens (known as "Kedai Mesin" in Malay), LuckyPalace is very popular nowadays, especially around the Klang Valley area. By white-labeling the casino games developed by Playtech, LuckyPalace has slowly grown into a branded online casino products which is often taken into comparison against 12Win, the most played online betting product in Malaysia.
Clubsuncity Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

Clubsuncity Casino – The Most Unique and Exclusive Slot Games

by ministryofgamblingon May 13, 2016
Developed by the Taiwanese IGS, Clubsuncity is the latest mobile slot game product in Malaysia since its official launch in the year of 2015. The product is highly user-friendly which is backed by its multiple device support - PC, Android and IOS, as well as its well-design slot game layout. There is high frequency in bonus game payout and free slot game spin, which has made its popularity amongst Malaysian casino players.
SCR888 Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 Casino – The Best Online Slot Games in Malaysia

by ministryofgamblingon May 13, 2016
The Most Popular Slot Games in Malaysia
Similar to SKY3888, SCR888 is the best mobile online slot game in Malaysia covering more than 70 well-designed online slot games that completely match the preferences of the local online casino players.

12Win Casino | Online Casino Malaysia

12Win Casino – King of the Online Betting Product

by ministryofgamblingon May 13, 2016
12Win represents the pioneering online betting products in Malaysia amongst other competitors, while it has successfully secured a significant share of the live casino game market as well as online slot game market locally. With both PC and Mobile versions available, one would find it highly satisfactory playing with 12Win casino games.