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The New BigChoySun – 918KISS Online Casino 2017

by on October 19, 2017

BigChoySun – The Largest 918KISS Online Casino in Malaysia

BigChoySun is said to be the largest SCR888 Online Casino in Malaysia. We all know that SCR888 is nowadays the most played slot games in the country. It really requires a lot efforts to be the largest isn’t it? However, there is no way for us to verify this statement as betting turnover of each online gambling site is obviously business secret.

One thing we know for sure is that BigChoySun has been in the market for quite some time. And it is one of the pioneering online casino agents that offers SCR888 mobile slot games to players. Back then, not many people knew about SCR888 mobile version. Of course, the demand for the slot game was not too strong then.

Alongside rapid growth in the rising demand for SCR888 slot games, we believe BigChoySun has also grown its online customer base to some certain extents. Today, SCR888 has already become the No.1 online mobile slot games in Malaysia. Well, it’s not impossible to say that BigChoySun is also the largest before anyone else.

The New BigChoySun in 2017

Couple months ago, BigChoySun has taken down its older online betting site and replaced with a new site – The New BigChoySun in 2017. Has anything changed? Yeah, there’s really a lot man. Let me take a quick tour on its new business structure.

First of all, it has updated its business slog from previously “The Largest Online Casino in Malaysia”, to now “The Largest SCR888 Online Casino in Malaysia”. Just a slight difference, but it does tell a story. We suspect it has been focusing greatly in promoting SCR888 slot games. Some of the online casino agents in Malaysia are reluctant to promote SCR888, simply because its winning payout is way too high. We believe BigChoySun has generated a considerable amount of betting turnover, which is why it is confident to place SCR888 as the core online casino product.

Secondly, we’ve seen significant changes in the website layout. Light yellow remains as its main theme colour. Nonetheless, there has been major updates in its graphic design. I would say it is a more modernized and also refreshing design.

There are 3 eyes-catching online casino sliders on the homepage, representing live casino games, mobile slot games, and also online sports betting products. Further down, there is a real-time Progressive Jackpots that display the highest amount you might be able to win away from BigChoySun if you’re lucky enough.

On the left panel, there is a download center. You can find almost all of the official product download links here. It includes PC version for desktop, Android APK version, iOS version, and also flash version. Players need not to struggle anymore on getting the latest product download links.

Contact bar remains on the right panel. You can find its official business Whatsapp number, WeChat ID, and also WeChat QR Code. Here’s come the special thing: it provides free video tutorials to guide players how to download SCR888, how to register as member, how to make deposit online, and also how to request for cash withdrawal online, all through its self-care portal.

You might be wondering, what is self-care portal? For players who prefer to complete all transactions without speaking to customer service, they are allowed to create an online gambling account on the website. Everything we mentioned above is in the customer dashboard.

Last but not least, BigChoySun has its own business blog post in the website. Most of the posts and articles are written by industry experts. They are about the latest news on online casino in Malaysia. Some of them even write about free tips to win big from online casino games. It’s cool right? I bet you can really learn lots of gambling tricks from there.

Online Casino Games to Play in BigChoySun

Apparently, SCR888 slot games should be your top choice with BigChoySun. Nevertheless, it also offers many other online casino brands – 3Win8, ClubSunCity, Rollex, LPE88, Crown, NewTown (NTC33), LeoCity88, MaxBet (IBCBet), and SBOBet. It’s really hard for you to get bored with all these interesting online betting games.

Do I need to download anything before getting membership in BigChoySun? The answer is no. It’s really easy to use its website. Plus, everything is free of charge. You can try to engage with this online casino in Malaysia. Who know you might be the next big winner and grab a ways huge cash prizes from mobile slot games?





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