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918KISS 2020 – Latest Download Links, Updates, and News

by on November 17, 2019

The Unexpected Return of 918KISS

What?? 918KISS has resumed back to operation? Are you kidding me?

I guess this is the most heard words for the local online casino industry this year. 918KISS has shut down its game server in September 2019, and everyone believes it has gone for good. All of sudden, it was announced that it has made its comeback two months later, which has offered the entire market a huge shock.

Well, somehow, it is now back. Despite the surprised situation, we still have to figure out what is new about the hottest mobile slot game in the Malaysian online casino industry’s history.

How to Download the Latest 918KISS 2020?

The old download links might not work anymore, given that it is a brand new game version now. Here are some of the official download links that might help:

Remember not to download 918KISS slot games from other unknown sources as it might really harm your smartphones. Bear in mind that 918KISS is available in both Android APK and also Apple IOS. Firstly, you gotta identify the phone model of yours to make sure it is one of these. Secondly, refer to official download tutorial if you do not know how to download the game.

Unlike the old SCR888, it is now highly advanced in terms of safety and security. You do not have to worry about your phone getting hacked by unknown resources by downloading the games. Unless you’re downloading from counterfeit sites.

A New Threat to 918KISS – MEGA888

Well, 918KISS can’t stay in the No.1 position forever. There are always new threats to its throne. MEGA888 is one of them.

The newly introduced mobile slot game in 2018, MEGA888 is poised to be the next top mobile slot games in Malaysia. Equipped with approximately 150 slot game selection, it offers a wide variety of gaming choices to its slot game fans.

In terms of winning payout structure, we have conducted a statistical test on MEGA888. It turns out that it has a winning payout ratio fo 54.33% over a gambling period of 3 months, which is slightly lower than the 56.83% of 918KISS. Wow, this is really something. I would say MEGA888 can definitely offer as much fun as the top mobile slot gaming brand in the world.

At the same time, it is available in Android APK and Apple IOS version. Not to mention the fact that it allows its players to play slot games on HTML5 version. This is an additional advantage to its already strong market position. With growing technology in the world of slot game, HTML5 is expected to be the next big thing in the industry.

Can it overtake the No.1 position? We shall see in the year of 2020.

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