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4 Important Tips to Identify Good and Bad Malaysia Online Casino Sites

by on July 6, 2016

The Importance of Betting with Good Malaysia Online Casino Site

There could be thousands of online casino site in Malaysia, offering various online betting services such as live casino games, online slot games, mobile slot games, sports betting, racing, lottery, and many many more. Each site offers different value proposition to the online casino players, which could be highly distinguished from one to another. However, the key to secure the interest and benefits of all casino players, is the trustworthiness and credibility of a Malaysia online casino site. Why is it so important? Just imagine if the online casino site refuses to pay you after winning big from the casino games. This could probably result in huge losses, which could also be highly painful. Remember there is no legal coverage over the online betting activities in Malaysia, and it would be very difficult for you to lodge a report against such cases. Firstly, you would probably be prosecuted by involving in online gambling activities when you lodge the report. As such, most of the people would rather choose to keep silence when facing with such situation. This has put online casino players under an unfair situation.

Due the above, some Malaysia online casino review sites have been set up to provide honest and fair opinions on most of the online betting sites in the country. Players could make use of these sites to get a clearer picture before engaging with such online betting sites. I personally think that it is very important for players to bet with good Malaysia online casino sites. This would help to secure your payment, betting experience, as well as safety issue. Do not easily get distracted by the free casino bonus promotions offered by those online casino sites, as some of them are just trying to lure your interests by offering unrealistic free bonuses. Stay focus on what is important to you.

How to Identify Good and Bad Malaysia Online Casino Sites?

Despite the fact that Ministry of Gambling has adopted standard rating and review methodologies, to provide useful insights on some of the Malaysian online betting sites to all local casino players, you may also work out your own evaluation towards these betting sites. Most of the time, my advice to you is to look at one betting site from the following perspectives:

1. Length of Business Operations

The longer the online casino business has been established, the higher chances it could be a reliable online betting site. Most of the online betting sites in Malaysia have been established for years, and it is always their first priority to maintain business reputation in order to sustain their businesses. Therefore, there is lower probability for default in payment for such betting sites. In contrast, you do not want to bet with sites that have only been set up for months. Some of them could be dishonest betting sites that aim to cheat players’ money.

2. Testimonials

The majority of the online casino sites in Malaysia do not provide testimonials from their players on website. People usually have no clue no how well the site has been doing in the past. Nevertheless, I would say it is really important for you to find out those testimonials about the betting site, to determine the trustworthiness of such site. As such, the only genuine way to obtain such testimonials is through the search on some online gambling forums, while bunch of online gamblers are exchanging thoughts and comments in relation to online betting sites. Such forums that come across my mind right now include Tom188, an online gambling forum for mostly Chinese players in Malaysia. If you are seeking for testimonials in English, you could probably refer to some of comments that players submitted at Ministry of Gambling for online betting sites.

3. Customer Service Attitude

Before even making deposit to an online betting site, you could probably test the site’s services by engaging with its customer service representatives. The quality of customer support team depends on how well the company’s management is doing. Bad management team will probably produce a bad customer support team that is unable to help players to resolve any of the issues. Good customer support team speaks politely and patiently, while they would usually respond to your questions in lightning speed. From there, you would be able to gauge the quality of such online betting site, and then decide whether you wan to make your first cash deposit with the company.

4. Malaysia Online Casino Review Sites

One of the fastest and easiest ways, is to make use of some of the Malaysia online casino review sites, to identify the good and bad online betting sites. Most of these review sites are third-party services provided by some experienced online gamblers in Malaysia, for the interests and benefits of all. As the top Malaysia online casino review site, Ministry of Gambling aims to increase the standard of the local online casino industry as a whole, to restore the level of confidence towards the industry. At here, you could find out the ratings and reviews about an online betting site, as well as the comments that are submitted by players in relation to the site’s quality. Of course, there are also many online casino review sites out there which provides similar services to casino players. My advice to you is that do not solely rely on one review site to arrive at conclusion. You should be more hardworking by reading every related articles about the online betting site that you are about to deal with.


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