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New SCR888 2.0 – Ong Version

by on November 25, 2016

A Quick Review on SCR888 in 2016

I believe many of you have played SCR888 in the past. It’s quite rare that one would say he has not heard of this game before. Yes, it’s way too famous. We have all witnessed its success in the year of 2016. Everyone has been thinking about the same question: what will be their next move?

Let us take a quick tour through what it has done in 2016.

Firstly, it has climbed to the top of the local online casino game industry – the most played online mobile slot game in Malaysia. It’s really not easy to have achieved this. In fact, I haven’t seen any online casino product that can be as successful as SCR888.

Not to mention the fact that it has also become the online casino game product with the highest payout rate in the history. The only imperfect part is that we have not heard of anyone striking its progressive jackpots thus far. Nevertheless, its extra game bonus to the players, for instance, Free Ang Pow, has definitely attracted bunch of players come into play.

Before its official launch, no one has truly realized the huge potential arising from IOS mobile casino game market. SCR888 really exploited into this market and successfully tap into iPhone gamblers in Malaysia.

Well, you must be wondering by now. How better it can be when it is already so successful?

The New SCR888 2.0

In the past three months, players have been facing difficulties when logging on to its games. The worst part is that some of them can’t even download the slot games on their mobile devices.

Although there is no official announcement being made by SCR888 company, we believe that was due to the limited capacity in their game servers which has caused the interruptions.

Over the last several weeks, its official download site has been shut down by the local authority. That was really a shock to everyone.

SCR888 Download Link

SCR888 Download Link has been shut down by the Malaysian government.

In view of this, SCR888 has provided alternative links to download for its slot games, which YOU MAY GET IT FROM HERE.

Notwithstanding the above, we have seen that some efforts have been put up to resolve the said hiccups. SCR888 has recently updated its game on a tremendous basis. For example, just not long ago, all SCR888 agents were not able to view players’ game history log on agent site. For once we all thought that it would be removed for permanent. Nevertheless, it was recently put back to the agent site.

We found that after the recent updates, it seems like it’s even easier to win from SCR888 slot games. Very often players would strike jackpots or free bonus games. We believe this is a brand new version of SCR888, and we name it “The New SCR888 2.0”.

For those who would like to make a fortune from online casino games, it’s now or never. The winning rate is even higher than before. It could be due to the fierce competition in the market nowadays.


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