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A Quick Review – Online Casino Games in Malaysia

by on July 27, 2016

Online Casino Games in Malaysia

There are just too many online casino games in Malaysia. People are confused when choosing which one to play. It is kinda hard to say which product is the best, because each of them would have different strengths and weaknesses. Anyhow, what actually is online casino games in Malaysia? Online casino games is a virtual gaming platform that allows casino players to gamble on various betting games. In fact, online casino games is just a generic term. It includes may types of betting games such as live casino games, online slot games, sports betting, 4D (lottery), and many more. Each of us has different betting preferences. This is also one of the reasons why there have been so many online casino games being launched to tap the local market.

Malaysia has been viewed as a fairly mature online casino market compared to other South East Asia countries. This could be attributed to the fact that gambling activities are generally prohibited under the local legislative rules and regulations. Betting online is one of the few ways that Malaysians are able to gamble. Moreover, there is only one licensed land-based casino in the country – Genting Casino. Malaysia is a Muslim country, and very likely there won’t be any other new land-based casino being licensed in the near future. Therefore, many local players have chosen to gamble online, instead of traveling miles away just to gamble at Genting Casino.

What are the Popular Online Casino Games?

For many years, Playtech has been dominating the Malaysian online casino market through the market presence of its white-labeled products. These include 12Win, NewTown, Rollex, LuckyPalace, Crown, and LeoCity88. These games are all carrying live casino games and online slot games developed by Playtech. As a matter of fact, Playtech is one of the world’s leading online casino games suppliers which is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. As you can see from most of the illegal gambling dens locally, they are all offering Playtech’s casino products. People love it, and get used to their brand names already. They are famous of their live casino games. All their live casino games are directly broadcasted from the studio casino based in Manilla, Philippines. Sexy live casino dealers has helped to increase the level of confidence as all games seem to be carried out under transparent and fair manner. As such, Playtech’s casino products have been the mainstream for many years.

Nonetheless, SKY3888 was first launched at the beginning of 2015. Its debut was a huge booming. SKY3888 slot games have rapidly spread across the entire nation, penetrating into hundred thousands of slot game players in Malaysia. It was marketed via Multi-level Marketing (MLM) strategies. Based on this concept, SKY3888 agents do not have to fork out a single cent to carry out online casino businesses in Malaysia. They expect to receive only profit sharing from SKY3888. This is why its agents had strived hard to promote this product. SKY3888 was definitely a great success. It was once the most played online slot games in 2015. This lasts until SCR888 came into play.

SCR888 is not a new brand, but has long existed in Malaysia for nearly 5-6 years. Previously, SCR888 only had desktop version. Anyone who wants to play SCR888 can only get it at illegal gambling dens. In view of the rising demand for mobile slot games, SCR888 has also developed its mobile version to share the big pie. Its mobile slot game version was launched at the last quarter of 2015. It received overwhelming responses from the public. At that time, its mobile version only supported Android smartphones. Having recognised the needs to tap into IOS smartphones market, SCR888 also rolled out its IOS mobile version in March of 2016. Since then, SCR888 has quickly become the most popular mobile slot game in Malaysia. It has created a crazy trend amongst the local slot game communities. Everyone loves to play SCR888 slot games. Of course, there are several factors driving to its success.

First, SCR888 adopted pretty high winning payout policy to attract new players at the beginning. You would never be able to find another product that offers bonus payout as great as SCR888. It pays free slot game bonuses to almost all its players. Hence, people started to fall in love with SCR888. Plus, it offers highly simple game interface which can be easily picked up to play. Today, everyone is insane about SCR888. Its customer base is still growing. This is just a beginning. It has recently launched its multiplayer live casino games that brings a different kind of online entertainment to its players. There is rumor saying that its live casino games will be launched in the near future. Seriously, I can’t even imagine how great will be the response once its live casino dealer games are launched.

You think that’s about it? Not yet. There is a new rising mobile slot game product in Malaysia – 3Win8, which is still very fresh. People rarely play this 3Win8 as not many agents are promoting it. Nevertheless, I believe it will be the next game-changing product very soon. What is so special about 3Win8? It basically combines all popular mobile slot games from Playtech, Clubsuncity, SCR888 and SKY3888. It is a centralised gaming platform that allows players to play all favourite slot games without switching from one to another. This is just great, at least to me personally. I have never seen a product like this. Supporting both Android and IOS smartphones, 3Win8 could be the next favourite of mobile slot game players in Malaysia.

Multiplayer Online Casino Games

Multiplayer online casino games are not new stuff in Malaysia. It can be traced all the way back to those big betting machines being placed in illegal gambling dens from 20 years ago. Players like multiplayer online casino games as it provides greater excitements while more people are betting side by side. Clubsuncity is probably the most successful online version of multiplayer online casino games in Malaysia. It is the same as the other two, namely PlayBoy888 and GreatWall99. These products are offering exactly the same slot games in Malaysia. The sad truth is that there is no live casino game in these products. They only focus on online slot games. However, their slot games are of uniqueness as well as exclusivity, while you can never find the similar slot games in other products.

Clubsuncity, PlayBoy888, and GreatWall99 all support desktop, Android smartphones, and IOS smartphones. This enables players to play online casino games anywhere anytime they want. Unfortunately, progressive jackpot is also not available in these products. This is mitigated by some of its hottest online slot games, such as Wukong, Crazy Monkey, The Magician, Fong Shen, Three Kingdoms, Ocean Kings, and many more.



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