Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Despite the fact that Ministry of Gambling is a non-profit organisation that is established to promote welfare and benefit in the Malaysian online casino industry, we have also strived to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility in order to perform our duty in the areas of responsible gaming and honest as well as transparent ratings and review on the Malaysia online casino companies.

What is Responsible Gaming?

In general, an online betting site is best advised to adhere to responsible gaming policy for quality assurance, though there is no standard rules and regulations in relation to this area. As the local authority in the Malaysian online casino industry, Ministry of Gambling carries out responsible gaming policy to provide the most accurate and quality ratings and reviews on the latest casino games as well as sports betting products, to help the local online casino players in decision-making process before engaging with an online betting site.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia?

There have been much controversies about the legality issues relating to online gambling activities in Malaysia, as it has stayed within grey areas for quite some time. Given the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country with limited number of licensed entities to carry out the business of gambling, betting at an illegal gambling den (also known as “Kedai Mesin Judi” in Malay) is generally prohibited in the country. However, there is no iron proof to demonstrate that one is engaging with online betting site as all actions are performed online, while it is pretty difficult to prove that one has gambled online given the freedom as well as loopholes in the world of internet. In conclusion, it is considered very safe for one to bet online with online casino betting sites in Malaysia.

Quitting Addiction to Online Gambling

In Malaysia, many are facing unresolved problems in quitting online gambling as they have been so much addicted to the games. Some people get addicted to online betting simply because they have had experience of winning a lump sum of cash prize from the games, having problems forgetting about the joyful moment. This would probably cause one person to repeat the act of online betting over and over again, until they lose everything at the end.¬†For those who are facing troubles in quitting online gambling, you are always welcomed to reach us for professional consultation services at [email protected]. We have a large team of caring voluntary consultants who might be able to point you to the right direction.