Our Rating and Review Methodology


Ministry of Gambling provides regular ratings and reviews on Malaysian online casino companies to improve the decision-making process of the local online casino players before engaging with an online casino company. This is also in tandem with the core principles of the Malaysian Online Casino Association: Fairness, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Transparency. Typically, our professional rating team would conduct official review on a newly listed online casino sites from several perspectives:

Variety of Game: This involves a proper evaluation of the types of game that an online casino company provides to its customers. We evaluate both quantity and quality of games being offered by an online gambling site. Site with the most number of games does not necessarily score high in this segment. Instead, we are taking a broader view from the customers’ perspectives to determine which online betting site provides the best combination of games.

Customer Service: Every single online casino player deserves premium customer service at any online casino company in Malaysia. In view of this, we undertake complex methodologies in accessing this segment, including medium of communication, speed of response, troubleshooting capabilities, as well as the way customer service representatives speak to their customers. We strongly discourage any online gambling site to treat their customers in a rude and impolite manner.

Responsiveness: This is highly critical in operating a successful online casino company. Speaking of responsiveness, it’s not only how fast that the customer service representatives would react to certain query or actions, but also the functions of its betting system as well as game application. The last thing that a customer would like to experience is a sudden breakdown in the midst of a game, or maybe even malfunction in betting system due to unexpected circumstances. On a normal basis, we would play the casino games ourselves to evaluate whether such irregularities could be detected.

User Friendliness: Online betting site does not speak, but it must own the capabilities to interact with customers in such a way that a user could easily conquer the platform with consumption of the least energy. In fact, a well-design online betting site should be properly structured in relation to user friendliness, so that users would be able to make deposit and withdrawal requests without much hassles.

Trustworthiness: Regardless of how awesome is an online casino company, trustworthiness is still the most critical factor that one should look at before betting with the company. There have been news reported in Malaysia that some of the online betting sites refuse to pay customers when they strike jackpots or big wins in the casino games. This has severely impaired the market confidence towards online casino industry. In line with our philosophy to protect the reputation of the local online casino market, we would carefully assess the trustworthiness as well as reliability of an online betting site to provide customers a traceable track record in terms of payment credibility.

Graphic Design: Nowadays, the majority of the consumers would love to see stuff with superb visual effect, not to mention the fact that online casino industry is extraordinary competitive in Malaysia. With detailed and quality game graphic design, an online casino player tends to stay longer with the online betting site as they would not get bored with the betting platform. Therefore, we evaluate the overall platform design, game graphic design, as well as detailing in layout structure to arrive at the conclusion that whether an online betting site has comparative advantage over other competitors in terms of graphic design.

Kindly contact us should you have any further enquiry or feedback relating to our review and rating methodologies for Malaysia online casino companies.